My name is Matt, but you can call me Karsy.

If this is your first time to the site and you don't know anything about me, let me tell you a bit about myself and my journey.

I've been curious about everything my whole life, always wondering how stuff works.

My curiosity naturally led me into the study architecture and allowed a career path full of creative-type work in AEC, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

After 20 years of work experience and working far too much overtime, I decided to slow things down a little, take a chance on myself, and do what I have a passion for: modifying and designing things that save time, serve a purpose, solve a problem, ease some pain, or will help someone in a general sense.

I started off by solving my own small day to day problems, filling the voids where a product should be but isn't: like a coffee dispenser for the reusable Kurig k-cups, or a holder to keep the French's mustard bottle upside down in the fridge so that the mustard water doesn't get on my food.

I have to admit, sometimes my designs are borderline absurd and certainly don't need to be products marketed to the masses, but it's still fun to materialize, experience, and use the things I have imagined.

I see the novelty in these products because their functions are typically focused on a particular task: like the NES Classic controller webcam mount.  Not too many people are going to need this product, but for the few that do, it performs beautifully and does exactly what it’s designed to do; and even better, I serendipitously found out that it can also be used a free-standing desk mount too! – way cool!

Anything that is worth doing is worth doing good, if not excellent, and certainly at an outstanding level. All of the time and effort that goes into making anything that is outstanding, excellent, or even good is certainly worth something to someone.

At the end of the day, karsyzstore.com serves a purpose: It allows me to earn money though the sales of the 3D models I've created, giving me the time to focus my effort on what I am passionate about: energizing people's curiosity and creativity by showing what can be accomplished by putting those two things into action.

It allows me to share and celebrate my ideas and indirectly share a piece of my own humanity that needs and wants to help others grow and realize their potential. 

It brings me joy knowing that people find value in what I do and what I've created.

Thanks for taking a bit of your precious time to read a little bit about me.